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Zero To Infinity
Zero To Infinity

Zero To Infinity

By  Raftaar   •  Last updated on - 27 Jul 2017

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Album Info
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  • Tracks3
  • Release Date24 Jul 2017
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • LyricistRaftaar, Jaani

About Album

After debuting his first single Beer Bar in 2009, it's finally time for Indian rapper Raftaar to release his first/debut studio music album. Raftaar really took a long time to release his first studio album as he's been in music industry for over 8 years & that's a really a long time but nvm finally his debut album is on his way. Raftaar debut album is titled as "Zero To Infinity"; the album title does have some hidden meaning and probably it reflects his journey in the music industry:

Zero To Infinity is musical journey of Raftaar from nothing to achieving everything he ever wished/wanted.

The above statement isn't any official statement by any artist, it's just our decoded text of the album title. The rapper-singer Raftaar self-revealed about his debut studio album on 01st November 2015 via his official facebook account; as Raftaar shared a picture of him posing like an airplane. Raftaar posted about his album Zero To Infinity as:



The lead promotional single 'Baby Marvake Maanegi' from Zero To Infinity was released on 08th May 2017, followed by second promotional track Gall Goriye which released on 25th July. The music for the album Zero To Infinity is composed by Raftaar himself, while the lyrics been written by various lyricist which includes Jaani, Raftaar & more. The full music album of Zero To Infinity is expected to release somewhere in October, 2017 under the record label of Zee Music.