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Vivek Kar

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Vivek Kar was born on 30 April in Sibságar Road, Assam, India. He is son of Linguistics, Photographer and Writer Babul Kar. His mentor is bollywood's well known Music director Pritam Chakraborty.

He has completed his studies from St. Andrew's School and Further education from School of Broadcasting and Communication. He debuted as a composer with film Zindagi 50-50 and Got a chance to record with Bappi Lahiri in his first film. Besides composing he also sings well and writes lyrics too.

Zindagi 50-50, Meeruthiya Gangsters, Guns & Goal, Care of Footpath 2, One Night Stand & Saansein - The Last Breath are some of the films for which he composes songs Rabba, Delhi Delhi, Saade Naal Aaja, Zig Zag, Bullet Nanna, Ki Kara, Tum Mere, Mera Ishq, etc.