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Is Rajkummar Rao’s Newton Inspired From Secret Ballot

Newton is undoubtedly in our opinoin in one of the best films of 2017 so far. From exceptional performances to an intense storyline. Newton has charmed audiences and critics have done nothing, but praise the film. Even though the film has been on cloud nine this weekend it has been hit with some bad news including it getting leaked online due to which box office numbers will be hit severely. A sad case for a small film that is done exponentially well. As we saw the film many critics and individuals have drawn comparisons of Newton with a 2001 Iranian film "Secret Ballot" whether it's inspired or blatantly copied is what we are here to discuss.

So firstly let's discuss the similarity of the two films:

1. The main protagonist. In both the film's the main lead is an honest polling officer. We have Rajkumar Rao in Newton and we have Nasim Abdi in Secret Ballot. Both the characters believe in the importance of following protocol and the significance of voting in the larger scheme of things. Both are resolute in getting results with little to No knowledge about the dire and violent circumstances in which they might be functioning.

2. A soldier on election security duty who is pessimistic and always discourages the main lead. In Newton we have Pankaj Tripathi and in secret ballot we have Cyrus Abidi. Both the soldiers know the intricate details of the conflict in place in which the voting's are going to take place. They discourage the optimistic nature and borderline disillusioned view their ideal thinking counterparts have.

In both these the main characters respect the movie coincidentally or purposely definitely takes inspiration even though in secret ballot the conversation between the soldier and the polling officer rather than about the mainly its characteristic shifts to her being a woman the pessimism countered by optimism is similar in both of the films. Newton however is unique in its depiction of how uneducated and uninformed the grassroots of India is in "terms of the impact of voting" and whether or not it will ever make a difference to their borderline insignificant life. Even though the film's might be similar in terms of the caricatures of the two main leads and their interaction.

Newton is a beautiful film that we should be proud of. A movie that does not have to depend on star figures to get noticed by the masses.

A government clerk sent to a Naxalite conflicted area to monitor voting and facing all the odds including the security forces apathy and the unexpected gorilla attacks. Newton is definitely one of the biggest highlights of the year in Bollywood. Article Source.

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