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Shivaay Filled With Thrills, Emotions & High Octane Stunts

Ajay Devgn is back in action. This time he not only acted but also directed and produced the film. I liked him in some of his classy performances such as OUATIM, Drishyam, Omkara& Raincoat while i also liked him as massy performer such as in Singham kinda films. I was waiting for Shivaay since they revealed the first look more than one year ago. For me he can't be compared to any Khans, as he is a natural actor and surely tops in my list of favorite actors.

Shivaay is an action emotional and entertaining film made by Ajay Sirand brilliantly shot by Aseem Bajaj, the scale at which Shivaay is made is commendable. It's a story of a mountain man who makes a lot of efforts to save the life of her daughter from human trafficking in Bulgaria. Shivaay shows how from a loving father, Ajay Devgn turns into a violent monster who destroys anything and everything that stands between him and his daughter. But to be frank & honest we had a have lots of expectation from the movie but it's not that action oriented as it was shown in trailer, its more on family drama part rather than Action part, BUT this really doesn't mean its an average movie its a high class entertainment movie, which whole family can watch & enjoy. I liked the film because of some well directed action sequences which deserves applause from massy audience in single screen who like to watch hero doing some breathtaking action scenes. Ajay Sir done it MARVELOUSLY. All actors performed to their given roles, Actors like Vir Das as Ethical hacker, Girish Kannad was impressive in their cameos. Another best thing is background music in fight scenes and thrilling chase scenes. Specially that "Shlok" which adds an extra to the screenplay - Just Loved it!! The music by Mithoon is extremely powerful and has been timed nicely. There is alot to talk about the movie like - 'the twist towards the end', 'spectacular action sequences' ,'a father who can break all rules, do whatever he can to save his only child'; still we won't reveal the whole plot as it's really a MUST WATCH!!  But we can surely say:

Shivaay makes you leave the cinema hall with some tears & a little smile on your face. It's a must watch family entertainer.

The only bad thing about the movie was it's 'Length', it could have been 10-15 minutes less but Despite the duration of close to 3 hours, I didn't feel bored for a single scene. Movie just keeps you stick with your seat, Shivaay surely leave some impression on you. The action sequences are the best ever coming from Indian Cinema which goes hand in hand with amazing cinematography, music composition and vivid style. (P.S. from Monday onwards i.e. 31st October 2016, Movie's length was reduced by 10 minutes - A good move i had to say.)

The whole crew have put so much efforts in the making of a masterpiece filled with thrills, emotions & high octane stunts.

Just for Ajay Devgn's Hardwork - Our Rating : 8/10



Shivaay wasn’t getting a good response earlier, but now it seems people are liking and enjoying it. Movie's collection till now according to Taran Adarsh is:

Day 1 - 10.24 crores!

Day 2 - 10.06 crores!

Day 3 - 8.26 crores!

Day 4 - 17.35 crores!

Day 5 - 11.05 crores!

Day 6 - 7.40 crores!

Day 7 - 6.05 Crores!

Total - A wooping 70.41 crores!!

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