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dill tutda
dill tutda
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Dill Tutda

By  Jassi Gill   •  Last updated on - 26 Jun 2017
[Intro: Instrumental]

[Verse 1]
Ro ro ke kujh nahi bann’na
Rona chhad de
Jihda pyaar hai nahi naseeb ‘ch
Dil ‘chon kadh de

[Hook: Jassi Gill & Backing Vocals]
Gall mann le jhalleya (gall mann le jhalleya),
Rovenga kalleya (rovenga kalleya),
Gal mann le jhalleya, rovenga kalleya,
Hove ilaaj na dil te laggi hoyi satt da (laggi hoyi satt da)..

Dil jida tutda ohnu hi pata lagda,
Te jadon tutda audon hi pata lagda.. (x2)


[Verse 2]
Aasaan nahi dil di satt nu injh sehna,
Agg da dariya dubb ke jana ae paina..

[Hook: Jassi Gill & Backing Vocals]
Tikhe tikhe naina de jaal ne bhede (jaal ne bhede),
Piche beh jaan taan chhad de ni khede,
Gin gin ke taare (gin gin ke taare),
Ohdi yaad sahare (ohdi yaad sahare),
Gin gin ke taare,
Ohdi yaad sahare (ohdi yaad sahare),
Din kat’da banda nai kade thak da (banda nai kade thak da)..

Dil jida tutda ohnu hi pata lagda,
Te jadon tutda audon hi pata lagda.. (x2)


[Verse 3: Jassi Gill & Backing Vocals]
Jo rok lave dil di dhadkan nu teri,
Ohi ban’ni makshad jeene da teri,
Dil de vich teer phir vajjde ne aa aa ke (vajjde ne aa aa ke),
Puchange haal loki ghar vich jaa jaa ke..

[Hook: Jassi Gill & Backing Vocals]
Nirmaan de varge (Nirmaan de varge),
Pal pal ne marde (pal pal ne marde),
Nirmaan de varge pal pal ne marde (pal-pal ne marde),
12 saal jive si ranjha reha kat’da (ranjha reha kat da),

Dil jida tutda ohnu hi pata lagda,
Te jadon tutda audon hi pata lagda.. (x2)


[Outro: Dialogue]
Tere shehar te teri zindagi de vich,
Din aakhri ae mera,
Aaj ton baad tenu,
Kade chehra dikhna ni mera,
Main ishq te tu vypaar kita si,
Ghalti teri nahi, ghalti taan meri si,
Kyunki tu nahi main tenu pyaar kita si..
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Lyrics Info

Lyrics About

After the huge positive response + commercial success received to Jassi Gill's recently released musical album Jump 2 Bhangraaa, the popular punjabi superstar Jassie Gill is back to the music business with a brand new melodious sad-romantic solo-single.The new sad-romantic genre single by Jassi Gill is to be called as "Dill Tutda" (Dil with an extra L), which means Broken Heart.

The song was confirmed from various sources as they posted about the song on their social networking accounts. And later even, the singer Jassi Gill confirmed about the song by posting a picture of his new song; the picture depicts a broken heart which signifies the song name & the song meaning and it's plot. The music company Speed Records tweeted as:

The king of melody is back ! #DilTutda by @jassi1gill COMING SOON!

Months later on 07th June 2017, the music company Speed records confirmed about the release date and finally wave the green flag to the song; as they tweeted along with the official cover art of the song as:

We can't stop but adore this super cool look of Jassie Gill from his upcoming song #DillTutda, Releasing on June 23

The music for the song Dill Tutda is composed by Gold Boy, while the lyrics for the song been written by Nirman. The music video of Dill Tutda is directed by Arvindr Khaira and it will be featuring the lead singer himself. The complete Jassi Gill's new punjabi song Dill Tutda is scheduled to release on 23rd June 2017 on all the digital stores & media via the label of Speed Records.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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