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By  Arijit Singh   •  Last updated on - 28 Jun 2017
[Intro: Instrumental]

Mera gaon jhumri talaiyya hai,
Tera gaon sayad timbak too,
Jinko milna hota milte hai..
Chahe fir ho jaye udan-choo..

Kismat se takraye hum dono,
Koi kissa hoga to shuru..

Duniya yeh thodi thodi hai behtar lage,
Dil ke naukar chaakar lage,
Jhuk ke pooche kya hai aarzoo.. (x2)

Ahaa haa…Ahaa haa…
Ahaa haa…

[Verse 1]
Mera ghar tapta registaan hai,
Tera ghar shayad North Pole,
Lekin mill jaayenge ghumantu,
Teri meri duniya golamgol mmm..

Tere honthon pe main rakh jaaunga,
Apne kuch khatte meethe bol..

Duniya yeh thodi thodi hai behtar lage,
Dil ke naukar chaakar lage,
Jhuk ke pooche kya hai aarzoo.. (x2)

Aarzoo… Aarzoo…
Hmm..Aarzoo… Aarzoo…
Aarzoo… Aarzoo…


[Verse 2]
Guzra sarfira..
Chand se main gira..
Thaamkar jo sira..
Uss tarah kuch mera..

Duniya yeh thodi thodi hai behtar lage,
Milke khone ka darr lage,
Jaana bhi to phir se aana tu..
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After creating a song on owls & mistakes now it's turn to make a song on some popular Indian place/town. Well this is till now we have received from the music album of Jagga Jasoos & we truly loved all of the tracks by far now. As just gave a hint already, the third official track from Jagga Jasoos is related to some Indian town which is called as "Jhumri Talaiyya" (though the real name of the town is 'Jhumri Telaiya', but it almost sound the same).

The third confirmed single from Jagga Jasoos is again recorded by Indian singer Arijit Singh; previous two tracks Ullu Ka Pattha & Galti Se Mistake from the album were recorded by him too. Similar to his last two singles, his new track Jhumri Talaiyya will be a collaborated song too & this time Arijit Singh had joined forces with Agnee band lead vocalist Mohan Kanan.

The song Jhumri Talaiyya was earlier confirmed by various bollywood related websites & fan-pages but the song was officially confirmed by UTV Pictures on 21st June 2017 as they posted a video gif of the song on their various social networking accounts. UTV pictures on Jhumri Talaiyya tweeted as:

Kismet se takraay yeh dono

Koi kissa hoga toh shuru! #JhumriTalaiyya Agla gaana coming soon!

The confirmation tweet was followed by few more tweets related to the track Jhumri Talaiyya and all the gifs features the lead movie pair of Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif, who seems to be lost in village/jungle. The music for the song Jhumri Talaiyya been composed by Pritam, while the lyrics for the song Jhumri Talaiyya been written by popular writer-radio storyteller Neelesh Misra. The music video of Jhumri Talaiyya was scheduled & released on 23rd June 2017 at 11:30 P.M. exclusively on YT; though the full audio song is said to be released later on other digital services & platforms. The song Jhumri Talaiyya is available under the record label of T-Series.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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