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ji ji
ji ji
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Ji Ji

By  Prabh Gill   •  Last updated on - 08 May 2017
[Lyrics according to the snippet/teaser]

[Into: Background Music]

[Verse 1]
Ehnu Jhooth Kahaan Ya Sach Kahaan,
Thokar Nal Tidkeya Kach Kahaan,
Oh Pyar Da Sauda Mehnga Ae,
Oh Pyar Da Sauda Mehnga Ae,

Kite Challa Ae Kite Mundi Ae,
Mátlab Nu Ji Ji, Matlab Nu Ji-Ji Húndi Ae [x2].

[Musical Break]

[Verse 2]
Oh Yaari-Yaari Har Koi Kehnda,
Paise Di Hai Yaari,
Ho Ki Toh Ki Bana Dindi Ae,
Charhdi Note Khumari,

Oh Ji-Ji Chaldi, Phone’an Utte Kam Hunde Sarkari,
Raah Jande Vi Bhai Ban’de,
Le Aunde Tarkari,

Jhoothe Bane Vapaari,
Jhoothe Bane Vapaari,
Jhooth Waleyan Di Eh Mandi Ae,

Mátlab Nu Ji Ji, Matlab Nu Ji-Ji Húndi Ae [x2].
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A small snippet of a song that was posted by punjabi based singer Prabh Gill about 2 years ago is now finally confirmed to hit the musical charts soon this month. Almost 2 years ago somewhere on 15th December 2015 a small snippet/teaser of the song was released over the internet but due to some issues the song never make it's way out; but now finally the song is set to hit the charts.

Punjabi based singer Prabh Gill new single is to be called as "Ji Ji" [Ji Ji is usually used to refer as Yes, Yes; it's usually used to nodding at one's argue]. The official cover art (probably) of the song was unveiled on 06th May 2017 by the singer himself through his official facebook account. He quoted as:

#JiJi Out May 2017

Prabh Gill's last single Dholna was a huge commercial hit and with the amount of craze for Ji Ji it seems it will shatter his previous records. The music for the song Ji Ji is composed by Desi Routz, while the lyrics for the song been written by Maninder Kailey. The song is expected to release in the mid-weeks of May 2017 on all the digital media partners & services. The song Ji Ji will be available under the music label of Speed records.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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