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kuch parbat hilaayein
kuch parbat hilaayein
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Kuch Parbat Hilaayein

By  Arijit Singh   •  Last updated on - 04 Mar 2017
[Intro: Arijit Singh]
Woh toofaan kya,
Chataane jisko mod de,
Woh udaan kya jo,
Uchai pe dam tod de..

[Verse 1: Arijit Singh]
Khud pe hai bharosa rakhna tujhe,
Jeete jee nahi hai rukhna tujhe,
Itihaas hai likhna tujhe..

[Chorus: Arijit Singh]
Kuch parbat hilaayein,
Toh baat hai.. (x2)

[Verse 2: Arijit Singh]
Sona hai tu,
Tapkar jo jagmagayega,
Naamumkin ko jo mumki kar ke dikhayega

Tujhko nibhana kirdaar hai,
Tera dard tera hathiyar hai,
Ladne ko tu taiyaar hai..

[Chorus: Arijit Singh]
Kuch parbat hilaayein,
Toh baat hai.. (x4)

[Verse 3: Arijit Singh]
Tere jaane ke bad bhi,
Naam tera zinda rahe,
Kaarnama kuch aisa,
Tujhko karna hai... karna hai..

[Chorus: Arijit Singh]
Kuch parbat hilaayein,
Toh baat hai.. (x4)

[Hook: Raj Pandit, Gwen Dias & Crystal Sequeira]
Ek do.. Kabhi na ro,
Tin char.. Rakhna pyaar,
Panch cheh.. Milkar rahe,
Sat aath.. Padle path. (x2)
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Finally the music duo brothers Salim-Sulaiman after a huge break released their new composed track on 02nd March, 2017 at mid-night. Their new song which is titled as "Kuch Parbat Hilaayein" and it is also the lead track from the upcoming drama movie Poorna.

The full audio song of Kuch Parbat Hilaayein is voiced & recorded by romantic-soulful singer Arijit Singh, while the backing vocals been rendered by Raj Pandit, Crystal Sequeira & Gwen Dias. The last track by Arijit singh, called Roke Na Ruke Naina was a huge hit on the music charts & even peaked as #1 position on various charts. And now with the song Kuch Parbat Hilaayein, the singer has completely moved out from his comfort zone. And he did it really good.

Music for Kuch Parbat Hilaayein is composed by the brother duo Salim-Sulaiman, while the lyrics been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The complete audio track was released along with the music video exclusively on Youtube under the music label of Zee Music Company.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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