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laagi na choote
laagi na choote
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Laagi Na Choote

By  Arijit Singh   •  Last updated on - 22 Aug 2017
[Intro: Instrumental]

[Verse 1: Arijit Singh]
Iss tarah,
Chahun tujhe,
Chahun bhi toh Tujhse main,
Ek pal ko bhi door na,
Reh sakun..

[Shreya Ghoshal]
Chahe juda,
Tere mere,
Raaste hain magar,
Aa main,
Manzilein jod dun..

[Pre-Chorus: Arijit Singh]
Ho rishta sa hai yeh,
Judne laga jo,
Chahun kabhi na yeh toote..

[Chorus: Arijit Singh]
Laagi na choote,
Laagi na choote,
Laagi na choote,
Laagi na choote, (x2)


[Verse 2: Arijit Singh]
Khone se darta hoon tujhe,
Haan pyar karta hoon tujhe,

[Shreya Ghoshal]
Haan par har dafa,
Dil mein dabi,
Reh jati hai,
Kyun baat yeh..

[Pre-Chorus: Both]
Ab iss jagah,
Haan ek dafa,
Keh de mujhe,

[Chorus: Arijit Singh]
Laagi na choote,
Laagi na choote,
Laagi na choote,
Laagi na choote.. (x2)

[Outro: Arijit Singh]
Haan tere bin guzara,
Nahi hai gawara,
Chahatein kabhi na yeh toote..
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Lyrics About

The last & final track from the forthcoming movie album A Gentleman is confirmed as a duet-slow romantic track which is crooned by competent Indian playback singer Arijit Singh in collaboration with graceful Indian female singer Shreya Ghoshal. The last released singles by both the singers were featured in recent unveiled movie albums & were pretty successful too; Shreya Ghoshal recorded the track Ghar Chaado (Bengali), while Arijit Singh recorded the track Bairaagi.

The fifth /final taste from the album A Gentleman is titled as "Laagi Na Choote". The term 'Choote' (चोट) means Hurt, so the song title laagi na choote roughly translates as 'We (or you) don't get hurt'. The duet singing pair of Shreya & Arijit had recorded various musical hit tracks together such as Samjhawan, Manwa Laage, Raat Bhar & their recently released single was Woh Subah.

The music for the song Laagi Na Choote is composed by the duo musician Sachin- Jigar, while the lyrics for the song been written by lyricist Priya Saraiya. The full soundtrack of the song Laagi Na Choote was revealed along with the full album on 17th August on all digital stores & online platforms. The song Laagi Na Choote is available under the record label of T-Series.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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