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lambiyaan si judaiyaan
lambiyaan si judaiyaan
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan

By  Arijit Singh   •  Last updated on - 23 May 2017
[Verse 1: Arijit Singh]
Sajda tera kar na sakoon,
Toh bandagi kya bandagi,
Tere bina jeena pade,
Toh zindagi kya zindagi..

Kya rang laaya dil ka lagana (x2)
Guje hawa mein,
Bichde dila di duhaiyan,
Ve badi lambiyaan si Judaiyaan..

[Verse 2]
Tere nishaan yaadon mein hai,
Tu kyunnahin taqdir mein,
Naadan dil hai dudhta,
Kurbat teri tasvir mein,

Mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulana,
Aaa.. mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulana,
Dekehe khudaya do aashiya diya tabhaiyaan.
Ve badi lambiyaan si Judaiyaan..

[Hook: Backing Vocals]
Ali Ali Ali… Ali Maula…Ali..
Ali Ali Ali… Ali Maula…Ali..

[Verse 3]
Naraaz ho chaahe Khuda,
Duniya bhale raqeeb ho,
Uff na karun hothon se main,
Bas tu agar qareeb ho...

Badi lambiyan si judaiyan
Badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan
Judaiyaan.. judaiyaan..

Ve badi lambiyaan si Judaiyaan
Lambiyaan si Judaiyaan..Lambiyaan si Judaiyaan
Ve badi lambiyaan si Judaiyaan..

Ve Badi lambiyaan si Judaiyaan (x6)
Badi lambiyaan si Judaiyaan...
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Lyrics About

Just before the release of the fourth track from the movie Raabta, the music industry got shocked as the movie composer Pritam decided to not continue with the film's music & he even requested the team to remove (take out) his name from the music credits. Pritam Chakraborty explained the whole thing why he isn't want to be part album anymore through a post on his official Facebook page; he said as:

I had decided to only do solo composer albums. But in Raabta, the movie producers (Dinesh Vijan) wanted to recreate an existing song from the music label as part of promotions.

He further added that:

so I have decided to not continue with the film & the album will be completed by Jam 8.

Well moving forward, after this heart-breaking news for the music lovers the music team of the movie unveiled the next track from the movie album and it's called as "Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan" [English Translation: 'Lambiyaan' means 'long (a long time/period)', 'Judaiyaan' refers to 'separation']. The song Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan is voiced by Arijit Singh with backing vocals by Faridi Brothers Altamash & Shadab Faridi (and i'm the only one who thinks Arijit should sing a little less number of songs?). And including this track, this is Arijit's 3rd track in the music album earlier two were Ik Vaari Aa & Title Track. The music video of Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan features the lead star of the movie i.e. Sushant Singh Rajput & Kriti Sanon.

The music for the song Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan is composed by Jam8 (as said by Pritam da), while the lyricist is Amitabh Bhattacharya. The music video of the song Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan was scheduled & released on 16th May 2017, while the full audio is expected to release in few hours. The song Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan is available under the label of T-Series.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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