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same time, pt. 1
same time, pt. 1
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Same Time, Pt. 1

By  Big Sean   •  Last updated on - 06 Feb 2017
[Intro: TWENTY88]
Every time you call
You know I'm gonna come get ya
You know I'ma come get you
Every time I'ma come with ya
Every time you call
You know I'ma come get ya
You know I'ma come get you
Every time I'ma come with ya

[Bridge: TWENTY88]
At the same time
Put you on a ride of your life
And meet you there at the same time
Same place, same time
Every time you call
At the same time, same place, same mind
At the same time, same place, same mind

[Verse: Big Sean]
Who overdue for a night off?
Left the crib, I get you right off
How soon is too soon?
I see you every full moon, blue moon
We never did the relationship, it gets too messy
But if we keep messing with the wrong people
At the right place, at the right time, we might let it
You remember when you came to Sweden
I came too and we treated the hotel room
Like the Garden of Eden
Chill, I won't tell all your secrets

[Bridge: TWENTY88]
Look, we in tune, we in sync
Eye to eye, don't need to blink
We been here, don't need a drink
I bring my A-game
And put you right where you need to be
Look I fuck you, touch you, tease you
Have you learning things about you
No one could teach you
I see in you, see in me
Tell me what you see in me

[Outro: Jhené Aiko]
Every time you call...
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The track Living This Life is apparently the thirteenth cut taken from rapper Big Sean upcoming fourth studio music album I Decided., which is due out on next month (February). The lyrics for the explicit song Living This Life are written by Anderson and it is produce by Mike Will Made It. The full length audio song is expected to release on February 03rd, 2017 as instant gratification along the pre-order of the album on (iTunes) digital stores under the record label of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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