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move your lakk
move your lakk
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Move Your Lakk

By  Diljit Dosanjh   •  Last updated on - 29 Mar 2017
[Intro: BeatBox]

[Chorus: Badshah]
Move Your Lakk Baby,
Move Your Lakk Baby,
Sari Raat Se Morning Takk Baby.. (x3)
Move your lakk baby,
Move your lakk baby,
Saari raat sey moomoo...

[Badshah, Diljit Dosanjh]
Move Your Lakk Baby, (x2)
Sari Raat Se Morning Takk Baby,
Haan Ji..
Sari Raat Se Morning Takk Baby,
Acha Ji..
Move Your Lakk Baby, (x2)
Sari Raat Se Morning Takk Baby..

[Hook: Diljit Dosanjh, Sonakshi Sinha]
Ho Jado Tera Lakk Hilda,
Ni Bura Haal Hunda Dil Da.. (x2)

[Verse 1: Diljit Dosanjh]
Beauty kardi ae blind,
Je kar na tu mind,
Main tere nede,
Nede aake karlawa guide,
Ni ki milda.. Sanu,
Tadpa ke tenu milda..

[Bridge: Diljit Dosanjh]
Sari di sari sanu fit lagdi,
Jado nache ni tu disco ch light lagdi,
Billo daru wangu sanu ni tu,
Hit kardi.. Kardi,
Sari raat se morning tak baby..

[Chorus: Badshah & Sonakshi Sinha]
Move your lakk baby,
Move your lakk baby,
Saari raat se morning tak baby (x2)

[Rap: Badshah]
La la lakk tera hile jaise pendullam,
Baby isse kaise kare handle hum,
Nayi gadi ki kasam dekh ke tujhe,
Bigda hai mansik santulan-n..

Baby ladko ke dilo se mat kar tu play,
Betuki baate na kar banja bae,
Waise to nau nau prakar ki ladkiyan hai,
Yahan puppet tu karti hai slay..

Khatti meethi lage jaise ginger ail,
Dekhi nahi teri jaisi koi female,
Club mein gatt nigalwa de,
Figure teri ki aage delhi ki garmi hai fail..

[Verse 2: Diljit Dosanjh, Sonakshi Sinha]
Ni saniya da naal banke,
Tu lagi rehndi snapchat te (x2)

Main rabb di hai sau,
Tera lakk da flow,
Baby mundeya da mind,
Na kar de ve blow,
Honey ruk da sahi,
Gal sadi khadke tu sunn ta sahi..

[Verse 3: Diljit Dosanjh]
Jado vekha tenu baby,
Sanu kick lagdi,
Bhai muskee no chadhi,
Baby sikh lagdi,

Ni tu million kudiyan ch ik lagdi,
Lagdi.. Lagdi,
Ni tu chadeya ni kisi palle,
Kakh baby..

[Chorus: Badshah, Sonakshi Sinha]
Move your lak baby
Move your lak baby
Saari raat se morning tak baby (x3)

Move my lak baby
Move my lak baby
Sari.. It’s Your Boy Badshah

[Outro: Diljit Dosanjh]
Aa har ja har ja har jaa tenu dassa ve
Haar di ni tu
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Lyrics Info

Lyrics About

Well it's not even a week of releasing the Noor Official Trailer and the response it got was tremendous. So, to keep the buzz alive the movie production team took really a great decision. And to keep the buzz alive, the production team recently announced about a new single that is said to be released in few days.

Recently even on Twitter, the lead actress from the movie Sonakshi Sinha tweeted about this new single on twitter by posting a picture of her's along with the Punjabi singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh (who's second bollywood movie Phillauri is all ready to go) & Badshah. The picture depicts that the new single from Noor is going to be a party number, So be very exited!! Btw Sonakshi Sinha tweeted as:

Thanks @Its_Badshah n @diljitdosanjh for moving your lakks along with #Noor! #comingsoon

The very next day, the music production company T-Series confirmed about the song name and rest of the information about the song by posting the exact same picture but with some more info. As they quoted as:

Our upcoming party number #MYL has got everyone excited!

With some little dig-up we came to know that MYL is actually an short-form of Move Your Lakk, which is indeed going to be the second taste taken from the album. The vocals for Move You Lukk is given by Diljit Dosanjh & Badshah we might have guest collaboration of the lead actress Sonakshi Sinha herself. A small teaser of the song was released/uploaded on 28th March, 2017 at midnight on Youtube via the UC Browser channel. The full audio song along with the video is expected to release somewhere on 28th/29th March, 2017 on all digital stores & online services under the music label of T-Series.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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