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the student anthem
the student anthem
Mp3 Song Lyrics

The Student Anthem

By  Various Artists   •  Last updated on - 20 Feb 2017
It's only one month away
I stare at my notes everyday

I suck more at trigonometry
Than donald trump running usa

Used to sit on 9gag all day long
Then I caught by my mom
Pitai, pitai, pitai

Binge-watched random shows
And lame movies

Wasted one more day
Mom took my phone away!
Now I can't snapchat my bae
Don't know what she ate today

Pap bolein "Padh na gadhe"
Promise I will, kal se

Thak gaya man rut rut ke
Coaching classes are a waste
Coz in the end we're all gonna say

Bagwan mujhe
Bagwan mujhe...Aaa...
Pass karwa de

I'll give up on meat and ande
Lagaunga ghee ke diye

Mujhe bass pass karwa de
It's only one month away
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Lyrics Info
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  • Song ByVarious Artists
  • Release Date08 Feb 2017
  • LanguageHindi

Lyrics About

As students are just one month away from their board & school exams, so just to show various students emotions the Indian youtube channel East India Comedy created a fan-based video, which shows the fear & emotions regarding their exams. The video is a collaboration of various students signing a small verse/phase of the song & the song is called as "EIC Minis: The Student Anthem"

The youtube channel EIC confirmed about their new student anthem song on Twitter by confirming it's release date, they tweeted as:

The full video + audio song was released on 08th February, 2017 on video sharing site Youtube under the label of East India Comedy.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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