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ullu ka pattha
ullu ka pattha
Mp3 Song Lyrics

Ullu Ka Pattha

By  Arijit Singh   •  Last updated on - 04 Jun 2017
[Intro: background Music]
Ud ulle
Ud ulle ulle.. (x4)

[Verse 1 : Arijit Singh]
Jaana na wha, wahi jaata hai
Dil ullu ka pattha ha
Thodi taqdir kyun aajmaata hai
Dil ullu ka pattha ha (x2)

[By: Nikhita Gandhi]
Besar per ki hai iski aadatien
Aafat ko jaan ke deta hai daavatein

Aeeeeee .... Aee..

[By : Arijit Singh]
Jese aata hai chutki mein jaata hai
Dil sau sau ka chutha hai

Jaana na wha, wahi jaata hai..
Dil ullu ka pattha ha

[Verse 2 : Nikhita Gandhi]
Hm... Confuse hai, dosti pe issey aitbaar aata hai
Rang mein dosti ke jo bhang ghol dey
Ishq ka bhoot sar pe sawar aata hai

Nigal sake nahin
Ugal sake ..

[By Arijit Singh]
Sangmarmar ka bunglaw banata hai
Dil akbar ka pota hai

Jaana na wha, wahi jaata hai
Dil ullu ka pattha ha

[Outro: Background Music]
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Ranbir Kapoor just started the promotion of his most waited movie (not awaited ) with the first song called Ullu Ka Pattha which is sung by Non other than Arijit Singh (Yes he's on fire). The other singer is Nikhita Gandhi but they actually promoting it by the name of Arijit singh. He's a big name nowdays. The music of the song is given by Pritam & Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Its a long delayed movie due to lots of reasons. The movie stars Katrina kaif along with ranbir & will be releasing on 14th of july.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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